Darrell seems to understand the inner nature of each piece of stone and he brings to life the best of that nature. His work is simple, powerful and beautiful. He truly loves stone, as part of nature, as blocks in a quarry, and as sculptures taking form with his hands. It is this true love that emanates from each of his pieces. It is what distinguishes his art.

Cesar Pelli, Architect

These sculptures achieve an anthropomorphic resonance, as if they were calling out for a language of sculptural expression that carried a greater sense of scale, of tactile, environmental and surface qualities than most contemporary art does.

John K. Grande, SCULPTURE Magazine

Working in quarries with the heavy tools of the industry, with an eye on the geological context of stone and patterning of specific stone types, Petit’s process of working involves an interaction with the stone (that recalls) Michelangelo carving raw blocks of Carrara white marble.

Peter Selz, Critic

I believe Petit has all the ambition – in the best, truest sense of the word – and the gift and vision to really make a difference.

Richard Bellamy, Oil & Steel Gallery

A physical tension becomes manifest as one becomes aware of the enormous forces that are in balance with each other. These elements are somehow moving past each other, but become engaged in an inaccessible interdependency that binds their masses into an interrelationship of tremendous physical energy.

Fergus McCaffrey, McCaffrey Fine Art, NY

Unlike the self-enclosed nature of classical sculpture, with its high finish and formal perfection, Petit's work orients itself out towards its natural and human context.

Robbin Zella, Museum Director

I love walking around your work. It is the changing faces of relationship while the point of gravity and connection remains eternal/attended. I just love it.

Margie Gillis, Dancer

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